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Tacoma Warehouse & Storage Services.

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What We Offer

Warehouses in Port of Tacoma, are one of the most important services that truck drivers, and freight owners, need. Every day there are millions of dollars of freight moving in and out of the port of Tacoma and being organized enough to ensure that time is not wasted and money is not lost is the responsibility of truck drivers. Tacoma Warehouse and Storage, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Truck Depot LLC, is here to help the drivers make better value of their time and freight owners better time value. We offer a small cross docking facility located at 5655 8th ST E suite 150, Fife WA 98424.


Notice To All Customers

 Hours of Operation

Sunday: 4pm-Midnight

Monday: 7am-Midnight

Tuesday: 7am-Midnight

Wednesday: 7am-4pm

Thursday: 7am-Midnight

Friday: 7am-Midnight

Saturday: Closed

No Exceptions.


Truck Depot LLC and all of its subsidiaries have the right to refuse business with any customers at any time.


Short Term Storage

Cross Docking



Why Choose Us

Licensed, Insured, Location

Tacoma Warehouse and Storage are fully Licensed, Insured, and are conveniently located within walking distance to the Port of Tacoma!

Professional Equipment

Tacoma Warehouse and Storage have the newest most advanced equipment for reliable, fast, and safe movement of your freight.

Affordable, Honest, Experienced

Tacoma Warehouse and Storage offers the most experienced and honest service for the lowest costs in the area.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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(503) 583-0018


Hours of Operation:

M – Tuesday: 7am – Midnight

Wednesday: 7am – 4pm

Th, Fri: 7am – Midnight

Sat: Closed

Sun: 4pm – Midnight


What we Do

Cross Docking

Short Term Storage

Freight Management

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